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On "Programming" efficiently Empty On "Programming" efficiently

Post by Jonashred on Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:39 pm

Hey Robot/ Guys,

I have heard Robot mention a few times now, including his latest video about "programming" the physical technique required to master a phrase.

What I would like to know is;

1) What is the most efficient way to do this? - In Robots latest video he plays the same section over and over trying to get better. It's clear though that he has more trouble with certain areas of the lick than others. Has anyone ever tried to focus on an even smaller part of such a phrase and repeat that over and over till perfection?

2) On predictive failure: Out of interest, I've noticed a few times that whenever Robot mentioned that he was going to "suck" or whatever at an upcoming phrase part - he did. So I'm wondering, is that actually foresight, or could you perhaps be creating the mistakes with negative thought patterns?

3) Why do you think it is that most people, especially teenagers have a "Burst" of learning ability. And can we figure any way to replicate that surge in learning?
e.g. I recently met a guy in his teens, I hadn't seem him for years. When I last met him he was an okay drummer - nothing special, but after only a year or 2 he has had a giant "burst" in skills........... and can now play some incredibly complicated stuff and some insane speed. What the hell happened in 1 year in his teens? That is what I want to know? I guess this is how most people gain the majority of their technique when young. There is some sort of burst of learning, and after that everything seems to become that much harder to improve. What is up with that?

I always pay close attention to Robot in his practice videos, as that is I think a great way to try and learn what he might be doing differently compared to the rest of us in terms of efficient and logical practice, so thanks a lot for the videos Robot. It would be great in future if we could see some before and after videos for these type of practice things.


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