How has it been going with the practicing?

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How has it been going with the practicing?

Post by ROBOT on Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:58 pm

Let me know how you have been progressing and any trouble you encounter. You can all help each other as well if you have any tips!

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Re: How has it been going with the practicing?

Post by Jonashred on Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:14 am

I bought "Robot's Technical Guitar Volume 1" E-book.

I bought it mainly for the wisdom and out-of-the-box thoughts and ideas, anything to-do with the mechanics rather than just exercises.

As Andy James said, there isn't much instructional stuff out there that focuses on the mechanics of playing and how one should go about improving that. Most instructional vids shove a load of exercises in your face - and just expect you to figure it out. Which is fine if you already have good fine motor controls, and/or a knowledge of how to improve them, otherwise you don't really get anywhere fast.

What I've found on my quest to excellence on guitar is that Improvement is possible, but not by just "figuring it out". For me, I think I had less of a natural ability to understand the mechanics of playing and improving, and the best way to go about that.

After having tried some tutors in real and online... I wasn't getting anywhere fast, so I decided to go with my gut instinct, and that was that I needed technique improvement, which a lot of tutors either weren't able/ willing to help with. Since going it alone dilligently I have had more improvement and faster than ever before.

Robot's "Technical Guitar Volume 1" was much better than most of the other lessons I've checked out, because It had some in depth and unique thoughts. One of the best ones which I printed out was "Practice without mistakes, or you're practicing to make mistakes"

Aka... Practice doesn't make perfect....... Perfect practice makes perfect! That made a big difference to the way I practiced, and thus how I improved.

Thanks Robot!

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