[This is an example Chart] Allen Van Wert Progress Chart

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[This is an example Chart] Allen Van Wert Progress Chart

Post by ROBOT on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:18 am

(Make your own topic to store your progress chart in and simply add a new post to it with the new numbers each practice)

Exercise 1 : 250 BPM 16ths
Exercise 2 : 223 BPM 8th triplets

I feel bad about this next exercise so I pressed Others and selected "Hidden":

Worked on theory of m7b5 chords

Here is a video of my progress on the song I have been working on:


This was a short practice because my string broke and I had to change it. Embarassed

You can even use tables to format your post to make them cleaner:

Exercise 1

4000 BPMs!!!
Exercise 2

10 BPMs!

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